What is the refund policy?
If you purchased your case through our website,, there is a 30 day refund policy. If you purchased through any other source, you must comply with their refund policy.

What is the warranty policy for my Ascend 1?
We provide a limited 60 day warranty, meaning if your case or headphones are defective we’ll replace them. If you damage the case or headphones from misuse, we won’t be able to replace the device or offer a refund.

How do I get help or support?
For warranty claims, technical questions and returns you can email our customer support team on the contact page or at

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do on orders fullfilled through our website,

Does the price include sales tax?
The final price will include any applicable sales tax for U.S. customers only..

Does the price include VAT or other duties?
No, you are responsible for all applicable international taxes and duties.